I feel really sick and weak and I know its purely cause I’ve basically stopped eating and will only have one small meal a day and thats it. 

I dont want to eat this little but the idea of food is grossing me out, there is nothing that I want to eat and because my tummy is so sore I dont feel hungry in the slightest 


so here is the problem. 

Ive just been diagnosed with attention defect disorder.

I have depression, I am sexually promiscuous, Im a narcissistic and a pyromaniac.

I really want to sort my life out and stop myself from feeling the way I do all the time but I dont know how and the physiologists ect are just not really helping. Does anyone have any experience dealing with things like me and any advice?

This is so stupidly lame Im just becoming too fed up of it all and really need intervention 

I may also be a hypochondriac? (trying to look on the funny side of things) 

Whenever my bmi doesn’t say I’m underweight I get upset cause I don’t want to be normal and I don’t think I want to be healthy. It’s 17 at the moment so that’s good. I’ve lost a some over the past 2 weeks or so

they dont like my boney body, they dont like my dirty hair


no idea how to deal with life anymore.

pills arent helping

alcohol isnt helping

cuts arent helping

burns arent helping

sleep isnt helping

awake isnt helping

life isnt working.

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